Wyoming Corporate Office

Wyoming Corporate Office LLC can be your Wyoming corporate headquarters. We are located in beautiful Sheridan WY. Sheridan WY is one of the most conservative areas within Wyoming. We are at the foot of the bighorns, so there’s mountains in the west, and rolling ranch fields to the east. We are uniquely situated in the best location to base your Wyoming company out of. Areas like capitols and ski resorts often have to create higher localized taxing policies to cover the extra population and bloat. Sheridan remains one of the best and cheapest places in Wyoming to base your business.

We offer Wyoming Corporate Office services:

  • Base your operation in Sheridan, WY.
  • Get your mail here and we’ll forward it to you.
  • Hold your conference room meetings here.
  • Secretarial services for $75 an hour.
  • Have a WY phone number installed here.
  • We can provide reasonable WY phone services.
  • Get a local ISP email address to use.
  • Co-locate your server here on site.
  • Use our connections to get a locally owned Sheridan WY bank account.
  • Rent a private office suite or a bigger office suite.
  • Use our shared working space if you need to work here sometimes.
  • Use our corporate maintenance services to maintain your company.


By using Wyoming Corporate Office to base your LLC or corporation in Sheridan, WY, you get use of the nicest Class A office space in Sheridan Wyoming. You can utilize our Executive Office Suites, rent an office, or simply use our virtual office service or mail forwarding services.

Wyoming Corporate Office LLC not only offers prestigious Wyoming Executive Office Suites for rent, we are experts at maintaining your Wyoming Company status. We can help you form a business in WYO, maintain your business, or make adjustments to how your Wyoming company is governed. You get our years of expertise at a transactional reasonable price.

We’re on the hunt for good talent

The Wyoming Corporate Office LLC is hiring for multiple positions at our office in downtown Sheridan.

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