Wyoming Corporate Office Floor Plan

When you hire Wyoming Corporate Office for virtual office service, mail forwarding, or any other business service, you can rest assured you’re getting the best Wyoming has to offer. Our office has been renovated to accommodate all modern needs while firmly paying homage to our past. Our office features a unique mix of polished brass fixtures, push button light switches, immaculate wooden desks and floors, high speed internet access, and all the other trappings you might imagine in a high-end office setting.

Where History Meets Modern Day

The Wyoming Corporate Office headquarters features two floors of dedicated office space to meet all of your business’ needs. With more than 30 offices, four conference rooms, multiple reception stations, eight restrooms and even an elevator for those who need one, Wyoming Corporate Office is sure to satisfy your business’ needs. But what we believe really separates our office from every other office business center in the great state of Wyoming is our history and the way we’ve restored our building to its former glory.

Our History
The Mills Company built our office building at 30 N. Gould in downtown Sheridan, WY in 1916. At that time, the building was used as a small-time print shop, but the Mills Company grew quite large and expanded into other states. During the life span of the business, the Mills Company completed such important jobs as the printing of the entirety of our state’s statutes, county assessor logs, as well as a local hub for the region’s office supplies. While the Mills Company’s resume may not land it in the pages of many history books, the company employed as many as 60 local residents and provided our town with much needed revenue and industry. When we purchased the Mills Company building, we wanted to not only provide our clients with a unique, high-end office environment—we wanted to celebrate the intrepid entrepreneurs who had come before us.

The Mills Company had run its course by the spring of 1991. And when we purchased our building, it had been vacant for many years. It required a lot of time, effort, and investment, but since acquiring the property, we have restored the building to its original, immaculate state as much as possible while adding all the necessary modern luxuries to accommodate a business’ needs today.

We are currently the only virtual office space provider in Wyoming offering the use of our historical Class A office space. We have ensured our building will last us as long as it lasted The Mills Company. Douglas fir floors, original ironwork restored, diamond doors, the whole deal. Technologically, we have pushed the envelope on what is possible within the constraints of historically renovated office space. We humbly invite your business to take advantage of the space we have both restored and created.

Take a look below to see our floor plans and available space:

Main Floor

Virtual office layout for Wyoming Corporate Office ground floor