Wyoming Virtual Office & Wyoming Nexus

What is a Wyoming Virtual Office?

A Wyoming virtual office is basically a package of services we’ve put together to make starting and maintaining your Wyoming company as affordable and easy as possible. As an example, when someone uses our Wyoming virtual office service, they will receive a business address; mail forwarding services; a Wyoming phone and fax number; access to our conference rooms and offices; and the ability to open a business bank account in Wyoming. Basically, with our Wyoming virtual office services, a business owner gains all the benefits of having an office, without paying to maintain an entire office.

Virtual Office Advantages:

The virtual office was created after the advent of the Internet when many companies started being formed and operated out of peoples’ homes. For a variety of reasons, entrepreneurs wanted a business address (that wasn’t their home) and business services without the full expense of an office.

Wyoming virtual offices affords individuals starting a business in Wyoming the ability to do so without the costs and hassles that come with operating an entire office. It makes sense: you don’t yet know if your business will make a splash, so why rent a dedicated set of office space, set up a phone line, Internet, and purchase $10,000 worth of office equipment, supplies, scanners, printers, and computers?

Virtual Office services is a big business, but mostly big in big cities. We offer Wyoming virtual office services for folks looking to establish a business in Wyoming. Sheridan Wyoming is a great place to headquarter your business and we can help.

Our Wyoming Virtual Office package includes:

  • Your own, unique downtown Sheridan, WY address
  • Fast mail (we’re across the street from the post office)
  • UPS and FedEx come to our office daily
  • Local Wyoming phone number
  • Local Wyoming fax number
  • Conference room time
  • Shared and dedicated office room time
  • A Wyoming business location lease
  • We will collect and forward your mail and packages
  • Local Wyoming bank account setup
  • Bank is right across the street and we can deposit your checks

Customized solutions for your business. We work for you. We’re not a volume based website. We help your business succeed here in Wyoming and beyond.

Every business has unique needs. We have a wide range of clients. Simple clients that pay $50 a month all the way to some of our most involved Wyoming virtual office clients paying us $5,000 a month to really help their businesses function. The price and services we provide depend on your business maintenance needs. We want your business in Wyoming and to help you create Wyoming Nexus. From getting your mail, help with bank accounts, vendors, signing capacities, and beyond, we help you create REAL Wyoming Nexus.

What is Wyoming Nexus?

Nexus is a fancy word for “sufficient physical presence.” Because of Wyoming’s business-friendly policies, many business owners want to be taxed a Wyoming business, but to be taxed as a Wyoming business, that business needs Wyoming nexus. Nexus in Wyoming is typically created when a business maintains a temporary or permanent presence of people (employees or independent sales teams) or by the owning of property, which can consist of things like inventory or offices. The primary aspect of Wyoming nexus is establishing a “substantial physical presence”. Employees and property in a state almost always constitutes nexus.

Wyoming Nexus is something many websites will sell you and you might believe you can obtain by spending some minimal amount of money. A big litmus test many courts use is if you have substantial ties with something. If you really want to claim Wyoming is your businesses home, you’re going to need to do something to create substantial ties to our community. We offer real leases, and the ability for you to get real utilities here, and use real services. Rent an office from us. Ship your server here and use it locally. Pay us to do some secretarial work for you. We can help you pick local charities to donate to and ways to establish local ties with our community. Typically the term “nexus” is when a state comes after you for sales tax.

Creating Nexus in Wyoming: 

Having Wyoming nexus to many folks actually working here is kind of a bad thing. It means the State of Wyoming will want about 6% sales tax. But to people not actually here, Wyoming nexus is a good thing. Kind of funny? Yes. Do you think you’ll actually have Wyoming Nexus by paying $50 a year to a mail forwarding operation in Cheyenne, and just having them provide you a Wyoming address and phone number to forward to where you are? If you’re trying to actually get real Wyoming nexus, we’re here to help. We will work with you and come up with a customized solution that will meet your budget and your needs. We don’t look at you as a number to bill. We look at you as an individual client whose business we can help .

We’ll help you use a:

  • Wyoming CPA
  • Wyoming Lawyer
  • Wyoming bank
  • Wyoming insurance broker
  • Wyoming investment broker
  • Wyoming vendors

If you’re looking for $20 mail forwarding, we’re not your solution. If you’re looking for an actual partner in business that is here to help you make running and maintaining your business easier and better, let’s talk. Our fees are simple. You’re going to pay a base monthly fee, and $75 an hour for whatever we can do to help you out. As a base, our Wyoming Executive Office Suites and Wyoming Mail Forwarding Service is industry leading.

One big and easy thing we recommend to our clients is to pay more on your annual reports. The annual reports for Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming Corporations cost $50 if you do not have any assets physically in Wyoming. Showing years of paying tax on property located in the state is an easy way to help build your Wyoming Nexus.