Wyoming Executive Office Suites

We offer a number of Executive Office Suites for your convenience. We offer one of the only Class A office spaces in Sheridan WY, and the only Class A office space in downtown Sheridan. You get to work in our completely remodeled building set back to original status. Diamond door knobs, push button lights, brass light fixtures, and we could go on and on. We provide you an office space to clear your mind and work efficiently that is how it could only have been dreamed and conceived in 1908. Our executive offices is located at 30 N Gould. Our building was established in 1908 as a printing shop to facilitate the needs of the local settlers. Must like our past, we service clients from around the world, looking to find a better home than their current environment. The only difference is a hundred years and the fact that we service businesses, not homesteaders. It would be fun to see the faces of the original construction workers showing them how people from random countries could go online and establish a business presence in Wyoming in a matter of minutes.

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What to look for when choosing a                    Wyoming Executive Office Suite:

  1. Prestigious location: Downtown Sheridan Wyoming is the place to operate your business out of. Sheridan is the County seat and the economic hub of Northeast Wyoming. Here’s a little more information about doing business in downtown Sheridan.
  2. A Real Working Family Town: You might find some Wyoming Virtual Office services as a service by name. You might find them as a side business in towns like Cheyenne or Jackson Hole. And if you stick around long enough, you’ll find they come and go. Sheridan Wyoming is a vibrant town where you’ll find just enough business to keep things rolling, just enough away from everything to keep the lazy troublemaking roughnecks from showing up, and just past some beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes to distract the lazy rabble-rouser roughnecks with some beautiful scenery that is quite entertaining. You should choose a real town like Sheridan as your Wyoming Corporate Base. Here’s some more information about Sheridan Wyoming a little more, the Sheridan Wyoming Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Sheridan website.
  3. Building ownership:  We own our building. Every other WY Executive Office Suite or WY Virtual Office service provider we’ve seen, rents their office space. So if they get kicked out of their lease or don’t renew, you’ll be out on the street. With us, you get to rent a Wyoming Executive Office Suite from the actual building owner. You’ll be our tenant, we’ll be your landlord. Like it works in the real world. No subletting. Take a close look at others agreements. You’ll find little things like: you could get kicked out at any time if your provider loses their lease. You know little things like waking up one day and being left out on the street.
  4. Functionality of the Office: We’ve toured some pretty fancy schmancy executive office centers in Denver, Chicago, and San Francisco. Amazing. Super high end modern looks. But we’ve also walked through and hear every tenant talking. Seen an unorganized front desk and reception, massive front entry signs that list 500 different companies all at one address? How good does that look for you? Your visitors upon arrival at our office (your new home), will feel like our office is yours. We know our clients on a first name basis and we will be an extension of your business. Our conference room, our break room, bathrooms, storage, copy rooms, mail rooms, and ultimately your offices were remodeled to accommodate bliss while working away at your business.
  5. Fair Terms: You won’t have to worry about one price today and another tomorrow. Our clients use us for the long haul. We provide simple, clear, and fair terms for both of us. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  6. By the hour, month, or year: You pick the length of service you desire.
  7. Speed:  We have offices available immediately. We can have your office address, phone number, mail, emails, servers, and whatever else you need done tomorrow. Maybe still today.
  8. Mail: We process all your mail the same day, however you’d like.
  9. Phones: We are right on the backbone of Telco in Sheridan. High speed internet and phone. We offer Wyoming Phone Numbers right out of the box, ready in hours, or we can custom create a situation with you and the local telecommunications companies.
  10. Technology: We have a 7,000 square foot server co-location facility on-site.

Why use a Wyoming Executive Office Suite?

If you’re tried buying commercial real estate, you know commercial real estate is nothing like buying a residential home. Commercial building owners are in it for the money, and often have a lot of it. They may hold onto something for decades just because they want way more than what it’s worth. If you’ve tried renting commercial office space, you know it’s a pain also. If you’re new in business, they might want to see financials or require a personal guarantee. Triple Net Leases are Satans gift to mankind himself. You could get screwed so many different ways, you’re really just taking a crapshoot. And the worst thing about leasing commercial office space, is your landlord is in it for the money. Someone comes along and offers the landlord too much money, and they’ll probably sell, and you could lose your spot.

As an Executive Office Suite provider, we operate here on-site. Our paths are aligned together. We need to operate our business, and our business is also helping you operate yours. We own the building, rent office suites to you, and we help you do secretarial tasks that make running your business easier.

We do not do any credit checks and try very hard to be as easy to work with as possible to have your business be a success.

Utilizing our Wyoming Executive Office Suites is a great way to bring credibility to your business. We also offer Wyoming Mail Forwarding and Wyoming Virtual Office services if you are looking for a simpler way to base your Wyoming Company in Wyoming. All options are a great way to make Wyoming your Corporate Headquarters.